Wednesday 22 February 2017

Statistics 2016

My statistics for the last years are here:
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And these are the results of my reading lists for 2016:

* Statistics 2016 *

I read books that contributed to the following online challenges:
Reading Challenge 2016
I read books belonging to 38 out of 40 different categories.
Reading Challenge - Chunky Books 2016
I read  28 books with more than 450 pages, 3 of them were more than 750 pages ("chunksters").
The "Piggybank" Challenge 2016
The 85 books I read this year resulted in €170 to spend on something nice.
2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
A new challenge where the participants try to read as many books from their To Be Read Pile as possible. I managed 37 books that had been on that stack for a while
101 Best Selling Books of All Time
This is a new list where I marked all the books I have read so far, 37 in all. I'm sure more will follow next year.
Travel the World Through Books
After reading the book "Die Ländersammlerin" [The collector of Countries] by Nina Sedano, I thought it would be great to read a book from every country in the world. 77 until now. If you have a good suggestion for those countries I haven't "visited, yet, please let me know.
The 10 Greatest Books Ever, According to 125 Top Authors 
An interesting list. 125 Authors have chosen the 10 greatest books ever written of which I have read six so far.
Emma's Book Club - Our shared shelf
This will hopefully be an ever growing list of books about and for women, a group started by Emma Watson (better known as Hermione Granger), UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador. I read eight of the nine books last year and fourteen from the overall list.
100 Books by the BBC
This is an old challenge, I added four more books to the list.
A Century of Books
This is also an old challenge, I added one more book to the list.
Best European Literature
No new books in this old challenge, unfortunately. There are still quite a few good ones that I haven't read, yet.
The 100 Greatest Fiction Books as Chosen by The Guardian
Another list where I didn't add any new books.
Le Monde - The 100 Books of the Century
This is an old challenge, I added three more books to the list.
Modern Library 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century
This is an old challenge, I added one more book to the list.
Nobel Prize Winners and Their Books
This is another list to which I could add four more books.
Oprah’s Book Club
So many old challenges, here is another one where I didn't add anything.
Oscar Winning Books
No new books.
Peace Prize of the German Book Trade (German: Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels)
An ongoing list to which I added two more books.
Smiley, Jane "13 Ways of Looking at the Novel" 
This is an old challenge, I added two more books to the list.
What's in a Name 2014 Reading Challenge
Even though this is an older challenge, I always think it's interesting to read an eponymous book, it's always something special. Nine books this year.

Books Read: 85
Pages read: 29,533 (80 pages per day)

Books dating from which year:
Pre 1800s: 3
1800s: 5
1900-1949: 4
1950-1999: 26
2000s: 48 (4 of which from 2016)

Male Authors: 36
Female Authors: 46

Nobel Prize Winners
: 5

Fiction: 52
Non-Fiction: 33

Chunky Books
- more than 450 pages: 28, more than 750: 3

Library: 16
Re-Read: 8

Oldest Book:
Anonymous "Lazarillo de Tormes" (Spanish: La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades) - 1554
Newest Books:
Konar, Affinity "Mischling" - 2016
Oates, Joyce Carol "The Man Without a Shadow" - 2016
Longest book: 691 pages
Eliot, George "The Mill on the Floss"
Shortest book: 64 pages
Grimm, Jacob und Wilhelm "Jorinde und Joringel. Acht Märchen der Brüder Grimm"
Longest book title: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
Bryson, Bill "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid"
Shortest Book Title: Q & A
Swarup, Vikas "Q & A" - 2005
Funniest Book:
Bryson, Bill "A Walk in the Woods" - 1998
Saddest Book:
Too many to choose from but these are probably the saddest ones.
Abulhawa, Susan "Mornings in Jenin"
Filipović, Zlata "Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo"
Konar, Affinity "Mischling"
Štimec, Spomenka "Kroatisches Kriegsnachtbuch" (Kroata Milit Noktlibro)
Weirdest Book:
Mitchell, David "Cloud Atlas" - 2004
New authors (for me) that I would like to read more from: Leila Aboulela, Susan Abulhawa, Sabahattin Ali, Kate Atkinson, Ayşe Kulin, Zlata Filipović, Affinity Konar, Amin Maalouf, Barack Obama, Gloria Steinem, Lyudmila Ulitzkaya, Juli Zeh

Translated Books: 10
3 from Turkish, 2 from Russian and Spanish, 1 from Bosnian, Hebrew, Italian
Books read in another language:
16 German, 5 French, 1 Dutch and Esperanto

Numbers in Book Titles: Three, Zero
Place Names in Book Titles: American, Carthage, Cleves, Deutschland/Germany, Floss, Globe, Jenin, Königsallee, Persepolis, Rothschildallee, Samarkand, Sarajewo, Trastevere, Unterleuten
Names in Book Titles: Cevdet, Emma, Jorinde, Joringel, Lazarillo, Macbeth, Perlmann, Shakespeare, Sisyphus, Zlata
Colours in Book Titles: Green

My Favourite Books:
Abulhawa, Susan "Mornings in Jenin" - 2010
Alexievich, Svetlana "Second Hand Time. The Last of the Sovjets" - 2013
Atkinson, Kate "Behind the Scenes at the Museum" - 1995
Bryson, Bill "A Walk in the Woods" - 1998
Ephron, Nora "I Remember Nothing. And other reflections" - 2010
Filipović, Zlata "Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo" - 1993
Kostova, Elizabeth "The Swan Thieves" - 2010
Kulin, Ayşe "Rose of Sarajevo" (Sevdalinka) - 1999
Maalouf, Amin "Samarkand" (Samarcande) - 1988
Mistry, Rohinton "Family Matters" - 2002
Oates, Joyce Carol "The Man Without a Shadow" - 2016
Pamuk, Orhan "Cevdet Bey and His Sons" (Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları) - 1982
Perkins, Sue "Spectacles" - 2015
Trollope, Anthony "The Way We Live Now" - 1875
Zeh, Juli "Unterleuten" - 2016

With my books, I visited places in the following countries

Africa (6):
Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Sudan
Asia (17):
Afghanistan, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Irak, Iran, Israel, Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
Europe (21):
Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Turkey
North America (2):
Caribbean, United States
South America (3):
Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela:
Australia/Oceania (2):
Australia, New Zealand
Extra-terrestrial (1):
Countries "visited" in total: 52

You may find some even greater statistics by better bloggers than me at "Stuck in a Book" and "Ready When You are, C.B."


  1. Well, those are some great and fascinating statistics. I was interested all the way through.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Can you tell I used to work in an office? I love lists and have to write down everything. ;)

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