Monday, 2 July 2018

Happy July!

Happy July to all my friends and readers

New Calendar picture with this
beautiful watercolour painting by Hanka Koebsch


July - most kids have their school holidays this month, at least in the Northern hemisphere so we all know what that means - full roads! 

One of the birthstones of this month is the ruby, one of the cardinal gems together with amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and diamond. The word comes from the Latin word for red because that's is colour. It's always been considered a stone of nobility, "the queen of stones and the stone of kings". 
Apparently, it is good to counteract exhaustion and stimulates circulation, helps to reduce fear and sharpens the mind.

 Another one, and a lot more mine because it's green, is the aventurine, a quartz stone. Its name from the Italian "a ventura" meaning "by chance". It's supposed to be have a soothing and comforting energy which is understandable given its green colour. 

Enjoy this month with the beautiful watercolour painting by Hanka Koebsch. 
My favourite flowers are peonies but hydrangeas come a very close second. And we have a lot longer to enjoy them, as well.

You can find many more wonderful pictures on their website here.

Soon the new calendars will be on sale again. 
If you are interested, have a look at their website.


  1. Just beautiful! Peonies and hydrangeas are favorites of mine too. Is July your birth month? Happy July!

    1. It's interesting to find our how much we have in common once we start talking ... Anyway, my birth month is September. My favourite season? Autumn.