Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bacon, Charlotte “Lost Geography”

Bacon, Charlotte “Lost Geography” - 2000

Lost Geography” is a story about migration, a Canadian-Scottish family with their daughters, one of whom lives in France with her Turkish-English husband.

I especially like the description “'Lost Geography" teaches us, in a luminous sequence of intense personal dramas, that what keeps us alive isn't so much our ability to understand the details of our past as having the luck and courage to survive the assaults of both the present and history.”

This is what the story is all about, how do people with a different background relate to each other, what are the consequences of migration, inter-racial marriages.

The novel is full of tragedies, with the people fighting. And this is the real message of the book, how you can overcome obstacles and make the most of it. Make the problems a challenge instead of a dead end road.

Very interesting novel for which the author received several awards, quite deservedly.

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