Monday, 5 December 2011

Shalev, Meir “Four Meals”

Shalev, Meir "Four Meals" (כימים אחדים aka "As a Few Days" or "The Loves of Judith") – 1994

Three men love Judith, two farmers and a cattle dealer. Even though they all want to marry her, she doesn't marry anyone but has a son instead.

When Judith dies, all three men want to be the father of the boy and invite him to a meal to get to know him better.

Very short description of an extraordinary story. The boy doesn't just learn about his mother's past but also about life and love, relationships, destiny. This novel contains so many different characters and so many different traits in those characters. The author manages to describe not just those few people but almost everyone in the village. And the meals have a certain meaning, too.

A very deep account of love and life.

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