Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My Favourite Books 2016

Abulhawa, Susan "Mornings in Jenin" - 2010
Alexievich, Svetlana "Second Hand Time. The Last of the Sovjets" (Russian: Время секонд хэнд = Vremja sekond khend) - 2013
Bryson, Bill "The Road to Little Dribbling: more Notes from a Small Island" - 2015
Bryson, Bill "A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail" - 1998
Kulin, Ayşe "Rose of Sarajevo" (Turkish: Sevdalinka) - 1999
Mercier, Pascal "Perlmann's Silence" (German: Perlmanns Schweigen) - 1995
Mistry, Rohinton "Family Matters" - 2002
Oates, Joyce Carol "Carthage" - 2014
Oates, Joyce Carol "The Man Without a Shadow" - 2016
Perkins, Sue "Spectacles" - 2015
Schami, Rafik "A Hand Full of Stars" (German: Eine Hand voller Sterne) - 1987
Trollope, Anthony "The Way We Live Now" - 1875

I have already published my list in my statistics here and my reading challenges wrap-up here but I like to have a link with just the favourite books that I can refer to.


  1. Of these, I have read A Walk in the Woods and The Man Without a Shadow. I have JCO's newest book on my shelf: A Book of American Martyrs. I hope to start reading it in a few days.

    1. I will certainly read it, she is one of my favourite authors. As is Bill Bryson, I always check whether he has written a new one, I believe I have read about 99% of his books by now. LOL

      I am sure you have read my reviews about these books and I am also sure you would like a few of them. I hope you will. They are all great!

      Happy Reading!