Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bragg, Melvyn “A Son of War”

Bragg, Melvyn “A Son of War” - 2001

A continuation of “The Soldier's Return”. Whereas the first story was all about the soldier Sam, this one tells us more about the rest of the family. As mentioned in my other review, it is hard for a family to get back to normal if one of the members has been away for a long time. In this case it is even more difficult, as the father has been away to war. Here, the author describes the changes for the wife and son and how their life changes with the husband and father being back in their lives.

Again, this is totally worth reading, a timeless story that could take place anywhere and anytime when people have been separated against their own will and then have to get back to their routines together. Great novel, I really would recommend it to anyone.

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