Thursday, 27 October 2011

Deforges, Régine “The Blue Bicycle"

Deforges, Régine “The Blue Bicycle" (La Bicyclette Bleue”) - 1981

I thought this might be an interesting book, the description sounded good, a young French woman working for the Résistance during WWII with her blue bicyle.

However, I was shocked, the further I got into the book, the more I was convinced that I knew the book. It's practically the French “Gone with the Wind”, the same story, the same scenes, just different names. Apparently there are now 10 parts, so maybe they also copied “Scarlett”.

I wanted to know more about this and googled it. I found out that Margaret Mitchell's heirs had sued Ms. Deforges for plagiarism. Why they lost? It's beyond me, I suppose the judge has never read “Gone with the Wind”.

From the back cover: "Lea, second eldest daughter of Pierre Delmas, the owner of the Montillac winery, falls in love with Laurent d'Argilat, who is engaged to her cousin, Camille."

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