Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Croker, Charlie "Løst in Tränšlatioπ"

Croker, Charlie "Løst in Tränšlatioπ. Misadventures in English Abroad" - 2006

Not really a novel, just one of those humorous books about language and how it can be understood and expressed quite differently in different countries. This edition collects all those funny little signs and descriptions we find all over the world - not without telling us that we shouldn't judge, the person translating this knows at least one foreign language, probably better than anyone who needs the translation into their language.

Still - it's funny to read, for example when you are advised to "Beware of your luggage", or being told to "not use the Emergency Exit in peacetime", or you can order "half a lawyer with prawns'". I promise, you actually will be rolling on the floor laughing.

Oh - and I really love the different letters in the book title.

From the back cover:
"This text features hundreds of original and ridiculous examples of the misadventures in English discovered all over the world, including the German beauty product offering a 'cream shower for pretentious skin' or the Japanese bar that boasts 'special cocktails for ladies with nuts'. "

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