Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fleischhauer, Wolfram "Schule der Lügen" [School of Lies]

Fleischhauer, Wolfram "Schule der Lügen" (aka "Die Inderin") (translation of title: School of Lies) - 2014

I have read another book by this fantastic author ("Das Buch in dem die Welt verschwand"), a historical novel about the Age of Enlightenment. Unfortunately, that one has not been translated into English. Luckily, this one has. It has only been published as an eBook but I hope this will lead to a printed edition one day and that it will find many international readers. Wolfram Fleischhauer would deserve it. He is a brilliant writer.

Like his other book, this is a historical novel about history in general but also about the history of philosophy, in this case about the influence of Eastern philosophy on Europe, about how certain directions were taken in order to get the people where they wanted them. The story of Edgar Rabov is not boring, either, but the main focus is on the philosophy and its history.

I have really enjoyed this book and will certainly read more books by Wolfram Fleischhauer. Luckily, I speak his language.

From the back cover (translated): "A cool February night of 1926: In the Berlin "Eldorado"-Bar Edgar von Rabov suddenly holds a piece of paper in his hand, slipped to him by an exotic beauty. She wants to meet him. He accepts and soon falls for her. But what does she want from him? When the young half-Indian suddenly disappears without a trace, he does not hesitate to follow her to Madras ... The best-selling author Wolfram Fleischhauer wrote a highly topical story about the first esoteric wave in Europe and shows how the attempt to bewitch the enlightened world again contributed to its political bewitchment."

You can get this in English as an eBook.

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