Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The "Piggybank" Challenge 2017

This is my fifth year of taking part in this challenge and decided to carry on. Why? You will discover once you read this text:

This is a challenge idea by a German blogger. I have translated her text and you can find the original site here at "Willkommen im Bücherkaffee".

How long does this challenge last?
1 March 2017 to 1 March 2018

What goes into the piggybank?
For every book I've read - €2.00 into the piggybank
(Amount can be individually altered, of course)

• For every finished book, the amount chosen is inserted into the piggy bank/ money box.
• This money is then off limits until the end of the challenge, i.e. the piggybank stays closed.
• On 1 March the piggybank can be opened and you can go shopping extensively - or carry on reading and saving.
• Be consistent and put the money into the bank immediately, otherwise you will lose track easily. (Personally, I put the books I read right next to the money box  until I drop the money in, otherwise it gets forgotten very quickly. Only after that do i put the book back on the shelf.)
• A list of books read would be very nice because you can perfectly observe the savings success.
• In addition, it would be great if you post a challenge post on your blog. This way, everyone can follow the progress of the other challenge participants so much easier. If you don't have a blog, then just leave a comment here in the comments from time to time about your opinion or your progress.

Would you like to join us?
Go ahead! It is worthwhile in any care and you will certainly not regret it.

Just write in the comments or by email to buecherkaffee@yahoo.de and send your link to the post. You may use the challenge logo with a link to the challenge in the Bücherkaffee.

The hashtag for the Twitter exchange : # Sparstrumpf

Last year, I read 81 books in that timeframe which resulted in €192 to spend on something nice. :-D

My progress (I add the German title, if available, for my German friends):
Falcones, Ildefonso "Das Lied der Freiheit" (The Barefoot Queen/La Reina Descalza) - 2013
Hislop, Victoria "Cartes Postales from Greece" - 2016
Lippe, Jürgen von der "Der König der Tiere. Geschichten und Glossen" - 2017
Pinkola Estés, Clarissa "Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype" (Die Wolfsfrau: Die Kraft der weiblichen Urinstinkte) - 1992
Grimm, Hans Herbert aka Emil Schulz "Schlump. Geschichten und Abenteuer des unbekannten Musketiers Emil Schulz, genannt 'Schlump', von ihm selbst erzählt" (Schlump. The Story of an unknown soldier) - 1928
Weir, Alison "Six Tudor Queens. Katherine of Aragon. The True Queen" - 2015 
Laker, Rosalind "The Golden Tulip" - 1989
Zweig, Stefanie "Heimkehr in die Rothschildallee" (Familie Sternberg #3) [Homecoming to Rothschild Avenue] -2010
Grass, Günter "Die Box. Dunkelkammergeschichten" (The Box: Tales from the Darkroom) (Autobiographical Trilogy #2) - 2008
Scott, Mary "It Was Meant" (Zärtliche Wildnis) - 1974
Ballantyne, Tony "Dream London" - 2013
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi "Half of a Yellow Sun" (Die Hälfte der Sonne) - 2006
Bryson, Bill "Bill Bryson's African Diary. A Short Trip for a Worthy Cause" (Mein Afrika-Tagebuch) - 2002 

Hirst, John "The Shortest History of Europe" - 2009
Schrobsdorff, Angelika "Du bist nicht so wie andre Mütter" (You Are Not Like Other Mothers) - 1992
Murakami, Haruki "Kafka am Strand" (Kafka on the Shore) (海辺のカフカ Umibe no Kafuka) - 2004

Woodruff, Elvira "Dear Austin: Letters from the Underground Railroad" - 1998
Machfus, Nagib/Mahfouz, Naguib "Zwischen den Palästen" (Palace Walk) (بين القصرين/Bayn al-qasrayn) - 1956 (Cairo Trilogy 1) - 1956
Weir Alison "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" - 1991
Rosner, Elizabeth "The Speed of Light" - 2001
Lenz, Siegfried "Deutschstunde" (The German Lesson) - 1968

Solstad, Lexidh "Catpasity" - 2015
Machfus, Nagib/Mahfouz, Naguib "Palast der Sehnsucht" (Palace of Desire) (قصر الشوق/Qasr el-Shōq) - 1957 (Cairo Trilogy 2)
Tsao Hsueh-Chin/Cao, Xueqin "Dream of the Red Chamber" (红楼梦/Hung lou meng/aka The Story of the Stone) - ca. 1717-1763 (18th century)
Vance, J.D. "Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis" (Hillbilly Elegie. Die Geschichte meiner Familie und einer Gesellschaft in der Krise) - 2016 

Whitehead, Colson "Underground Railroad" - 2016
Herbert, Xavier "Capricornia" (Capricornia) - 1938
Aaronovitch, Ben "Broken Homes" (Der böse Ort) - 2013 - (Rivers of London 4)
Schulte-Loh, Christian "Zum Lachen auf die Insel" [Onto the Island to Laugh] - 2017
Bonnett, Alastair "Off the Map" - 2014
Ruiz, Don Miguel Ángel "The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom" (Die vier Versprechen. Das Weisheitsbuch der Tolteken) - 1997 

Nöstlinger, Christine "Best of Mama" [Best of Mum]- 2001 
Oelker, Petra "Zwei Schwestern. Eine Geschichte aus unruhiger Zeit" [Two Sisters] - 2017
Machfus, Nagib/Mahfouz, Naguib "Zuckergässchen" (Sugar Street) (السكرية/Al-Sukkariyya) - 1957 (Cairo Trilogy 3)
Hemingway, Ernest "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (Wem die Stunde schlägt) - 1940
Dickens, Charles "Bleak House" (Bleak House)- 1852/53
Emcke, Carolin "Von den Kriegen. Briefe an Freunde" (Echoes of Violence: Letters from a War Reporter) - 2004 

Taylor, Andrew "Books That Changed the World" - 2008
Toptaş, Hasan Ali "Die Schattenlosen" (The Shadowless/Gölgesizler) - 1995
Ali, Monica "In the Kitchen" (Hotel Imperial) - 2009 
Arntz, Jochen; Schmale, Holger "Die Kanzler und ihre Familien: Wie das Privatleben die deutsche Politik prägt" [The Chancellors and their Families] - 2017 
Mercier, Pascal "Lea" (Lea) - 2007 
Sitch, Rob: Cilauro, Santo: Tom Gleisner, Tom "Molvanîa. A Land Untouched By Modern Dentistry" (Molwanîen - Das Land des schadhaften Lächelns) - 2003
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi "Americanah" (Americanah.) - 2013

My lists of 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.


  1. Cool idea! Whenever my husband does the taxes I see how much I spend on books in a year! I am not very good at saving money though.

    1. I love the idea. Of course, it means spending even more every time you read a book but it is a lovely idea to keep track and "reward" yourself. As if we needed one. LOL.

      Have a great Easter,