Monday, 18 April 2016

Scott, Mary "What Does It Matter"

Scott, Mary "What Does It Matter" - 1966

Another nice little Mary Scott novel. As most of the readers of my blogs might know my now, I read all these stories when I was a teenager. Here is another one that talks about a young girl that tries to get through life in the New Zealand outback. Her father left her a farm that is highly in debt and she has a lot of problems trying to manage it. But she is a happy go lucky kind of girl and finds humour even when life gives her more than the obvious lemons.

It wouldn't be Mary Scott if the book didn't have a happy ending, though, so it is a very enjoyable read.

Unfortunately, Mary Scott's books are out of print and only available second hand. I have heard in the meantime, that you can buy some of them as eBooks.

From the back cover (translated): "When a young, carefree girl suddenly sees herself given a task, to manage a farm - and moreover one in a debt - then everything else is easy.
But thanks you her merry temperament and unclouded optimism, Sally goes through the difficulties with ease, she knows how to help herself and her friends through all the big and small troubles.
Even when her childhood friend Simon Hunter is in a jam, Sally quickly finds a solution. Spontaneously she declares herself Simon's fiancé - and suddenly she's in trouble herself.
In the end, there is a way that is as startling as it is obvious ..."


  1. I read one and as you said it was a nice little story, but I've never been able to find any others.

    1. I know. I don't think they were very popular outside of New Zealand and - funnily enough - Germany and now they are out of print. As I mentioned, some are available as eBooks but not that many. I've been thinking about getting an eReader just to be able to read theses books in English. ;)

      I'd love to share my copies with you but they are all translations, unfortunately.

      Anyway, which one did you read, if you remember?

      Have a good day,