Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Top Ten Childhood Favourites

"Top Ten Tuesday" is an original feature/weekly meme created on the blog "The Broke and the Bookish". This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists at "The Broke and the Bookish".

There is no official Top Ten Tuesday anymore and I haven't published any of the lists for ages. But a few of the bloggers still carry on and since I haven't even done half of the topics, I shall also do so from time to time.

Since I am just as fond of them as they are, I jump at the chance to share my lists with them! Have a look at their page, there are lots of other bloggers who share their lists here.

Top Ten Childhood Favourites 

Busch, Wilhelm "Max and Moritz" - 1865
Estes, Eleanor "The Hundred Dresses" - 1944
Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm "Grimm’s Fairy Tales" - 1785-1863
Kästner, Erich "Das doppelte Lottchen" (Lisa and Lottie aka The Parent Trap) - 1949
Lindgren, Astrid "Seacrow Island" - 1964
- "The Six Bullerby Children" - 1947
O'Dell, Scott "Island of the Blue Dolphins" - 1960
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine "The Little Prince" - 1943
Schlinkert, Martha "Winnie im Paradies" - 1966; "Nur Mut, Winnie" - 1966; "Alles dreht sich um Winnie" - 1966 Goodreads
Spyri, Johanna "Heidi" (Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre" and "Heidi kann brauchen, was es gelernt hat) - 1880-1881
Twain, Mark "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" - 1876 Goodreads
- "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" - 1885 Goodreads
Webster, Jean "Daddy Longlegs" - 1912

As usual, I didn't stick to my ten but at least it's only eleven authors. 


  1. I read Island of the Blue Dolphins as a grownup. Loved it. I read Heidi numerous times as a child and reread as a grownup. That was odd because I remembered it somewhat differently, but I still loved it.

    1. I am convinced that we read a completely different book if we re-read one after about ten years. I really think I should read all those books again one day. Maybe when we have retired. LOL