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Top Ten Tuesday ~ Top Ten (ahem) Books I Loved but Never Reviewed

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Top Ten (ahem) Books I Loved but Never Reviewed

When I started my blog, I also added a German version. Unfortunately, I have never done much to it other than adding all the books I reviewed including their German titles (if translated) and all the German books that have not been translated.

Now, when I saw this week's topic I thought, nope, I have reviewed all the books I loved. But then it dawned on me. I have reviewed them (all my reviews are on my computer) but I never posted those about the German books that have not been translated.

So, here I my favourites of the German books that have not been translated, at least not into English. A lot of them are translated into other languages but the English-speaking world often ignores what's going on in the rest of the world. I hope they will catch up at one point. I am sure these books would be interesting to readers in English speaking countries. And, of course, I couldn't restrict my list to ten books, there are just too many.

Bánk, Zsuzsa "Die hellen Tage" [The Bright Days] - 2011
- "Schlafen werden wir später" [We Will Sleep Later] - 2017 

Borrmann, Mechtild "Grenzgänger. Die Geschichte einer verlorenen deutschen Kindheit" [Cross-border commuters. The story of a lost German childhood] - 2018  

Degen, Michael "Nicht alle waren Mörder" [Not All Of Them Were Killers] - 1999 

Fleischhauer, Wolfram "Das Buch in dem die Welt verschwand" [The Book In Which The World Disappeared] - 2003

Gauck, Joachim (German President 2012-2017) "Winter im Sommer - Frühling im Herbst: Erinnerungen" [Winter in Summer, Spring in Autumn. Memories] - 2009 

Gesthuysen, Anne "Mädelsabend" [Girls' Night] - 2018

Giordano, Ralph "Die Bertinis" [The Bertinis] - 1982

Hahn, Ulla "Das verborgene Wort" [The Hidden Word] - 2001

Kalisa, Karin "Sungs Laden" [Sung's Shop] - 2015 

Kaminer, Wladimir "Meine Mutter, ihre Katze und der Staubsauger: Ein Unruhestand in 33 Geschichten" [My Mother, her Cat and the Vacuum Cleaner] - 2016

Kerkeling, Hape (German Comedian) "Der Junge muss an die frische Luft. Meine Kindheit und ich" [The boy needs some fresh air] - 2014

Kornbichler, Sabine "Klaras Haus" [Klara's House] - 2000 

Korschunow, Irina "Ebbe und Flut" [Low and High Tide] - 1995 
- "Von Juni zu Juni" [From June till June] - 1999
- "Das Spiegelbild" [The Mirror Image] - 1992 

Lüpkes, Sandra "Die Inselvogtin" [The Female Island Lord] - 2009

Marschner, Rosemarie "Das Bücherzimmer" [The Book Room] - 2004 
- "Das Mädchen am Klavier" [The Girl on the Piano] - 2013 

Montasser, Thomas "Das Glück der kleinen Augenblicke" [The Happiness Of The Little Moments] - 2017 
- "Monsieur Jean und sein Gespür für Glück" [Monsieur Jean and his sense of luck] - 2015

Neumann, Eva-Maria "Sie nahmen mir nicht nur die Freiheit" [They Didn't Just Take My Freedom] - 2007 

Peters, Veronika "Was in zwei Koffer passt" [Whatever Fits In Two Suitcases] - 2007 

Stelter, Bernd (German Comedian) "Nie wieder Ferienhaus" [Never again a holiday cottage] - 2004 

Taschler, Judith W. "Roman ohne U" [Novel without a U] - 2014 

Weiler, Jan "Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht!" [Maria, he doesn't like it!] - 2003 

Weizsäcker, Richard von (German President 1984-1994) "Drei Mal Stunde Null? 1949-1969-1989" [Three Times Zero Hour? 1949-1969-1989] - 2001 

Zeh, Juli "Unterleuten" [Name of the village but also wordplay: Among People] - 2016 

Zweig, Stefanie "Das Haus in der Rothschildallee" [The House of Rothschild Avenue] - 2007 and the other stories about the Family Sternberg

[I added a translation of the German title in brackets.

If you are interested in all the other German books I read, have a look here.


  1. I often am saddened to see books that have not been translated into English. That creates a barrier for me. Of course translations are not always good either. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites in German.

    1. I totally agree there. It's so sad to see that some of the greatest books have not been translated (it also goes the other way around but not as often as into English). I remember waiting for one of my favourite German books (Nowhere in Africa) to be translated so I could suggest it for my book club. It was written in 1995, in 2001, the movie they made from it received the Oscar for best foreign movie and they finally translated it in 2007. I've discussed it with two book clubs, and it was always very successful. I bet most of the ones I mentioned, would be welcomed in the English speaking world. They have been translated into many other languages, though.

      Thanks for your visit. Always nice to "talk" to you.

  2. I think it's cool that you're reviewing so many German books.

    My TTT .

    1. Thanks, Lydia. Well, it is my mother tongue and the German books are easier to get than international ones. ;)

      Thanks for your visit and for leaving your link.

  3. Interesting take on this week's topic! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. Thanks, Poinsettia. They were the first ones I thought of.

      Thanks for your visit and for leaving your link.

  4. Thanks for giving us the English titles.

    1. I always try to leave the original titles and I always try to give people at least an idea about the books.

      I know that, if ever any of them would be translated, they'd probably choose a different title. I kept as close to the wording as possible.

      Thanks for your visit, as always a faithful friend.

  5. Great spin on this week's topic! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday list this week.

    1. Thanks, as I said to Poinsettia ^^ above, they were the first ones I thought of.

      Thanks for your visit and for leaving your link.

  6. I think there must be such a huge wealth of books that aren’t translated in to English, there was a a French author who I’d love to read but her books aren’t translated yet- I’m learning French but I don’t think I could stretch to a book yet!

    1. Thank you, Heather.

      There's definitely a huge wealth of books in many languages. I am lucky that I speak a few but it will never be enough. Who is the French author you would love to read? I find French books difficult to read even when they are translated, their take on the subject is often quite different. Bonne chance!

      Thanks for your visit.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you, Deanna.

      In a way, I had the list already, I just had to pick my favourite.

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