Thursday, 12 November 2020

Non-fiction November - Week 1

Leann from Shelf Aware and Julie from julzreads have given Non-fiction November a new twist.

They encourage us to not only read a non-fiction book this month but also to look at non-fiction books in general.

This week, we are to take a look back at our year of reading and reflect on the following:

1.    What was your favourite non-fiction read of the year?
2.    Do you have a particular topic you’ve been attracted to more this year?
3.    What non-fiction book have you recommended the most?
4.    What are you hoping to get out of participating in Non-fiction November?

1. First, I found not just one favourite non-fiction but three that I all enjoyed tremendously. They are all very different, therefore it is tough to choose a favourite. Here they are:

2. Definitely anti-racism as this was such a big topic this year. I can't believe there are still people out there who think someone with a certain colour is better than others. I published a list because I think everyone should read at least one book about it.

3. That's a tough one but I suppose that must be one of my favourite non-fiction authors, Bill Bryson. My favourites here must be those he wrote about his and my host country (mine only for a while but still, it's the favourite of all the countries I lived in), "Notes from a Small Island" and "The Road to Little Dribbling". 

4. My hopes for this month is that I can tick off another book from my classics club list. LOL. No, I hope that many more people will read classics, whether non-fiction or fiction. They are here to tell us something.

This is part of our Classics Club reading challenge. I found them through Words and Peace. Thank you.

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  1. Sounds like funny reads, a little bit out of the beaten tracks. I love Bill Bryson as well.

    1. Yes, they're all great reads. I received "Why Women Read Fiction" last year as a Christmas present from my son. He said he chose it because he though it would interest me and it was so new that I couldn't have had bought it for myself, yet. So true. LOL

    2. How wonderful. Our sons know what we like! Have to look for the book.

  2. I hope to read at least one more classic this year.

    1. I'm about to finish one and am sure to finish Das Kapital by the end of the month. Maybe I'll start another one, we'll see.