Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ali, Monica “Brick Lane”

Ali, Monica “Brick Lane” - 2003

This book was suggested ages ago in our book club. It was never chosen but I had it on my wish list ever since. Not a bad decision.

Brick Lane is the name of a street in East London where a lot of Bangladeshi immigrants live. This is the story about Nazneen from a tiny village in Bangladesh who gets married off to an elderly man in London, England. From now on, she leads the life so many women lead, she lives in England but is more or less confined to the walls of her little apartment. She lives a Bengali life in Europe.

I loved the way the author describes the characters, especially Nazneen, the young bride who grows during the novel. Her relationship with her husband, children, neighbours, her sister back in Bangladesh, everything is characterized so well. You can almost feel what Nazneen is feeling, smell the smells, hear the sounds of the city.

An interesting story with so many topics, the main one being “fate” and fighting or giving in to it.

Gripping story, very satisfying read.

Monica Ali was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for “Brick Lane” in 2003.

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