Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lamb, Wally "I know this much is true"

Lamb, Wally "I know this much is true" - 1998

My second Wally Lamb, after "She's Come Undone".

This is a very moving book, wonderful and awful at the same time. It's incredible how much a person can bear if they have to. Dominick has to deal with so many issues and there is no-one who can help him here but himself. The author has a very talented way of describing people in any kind of despair. His accounts are very emphatic, you really can understand the characters. I loved this.

From the back cover
"Born in the waning moments of 1949 and the opening minutes of 1950, the twins Dominick and Thomas are physical mirror images who grow into separate yet connected entities. From childhood, Dominick fights for both separation and wholeness - and ultimately self-protection - in a house of fear and mystery. To save himself, Dominick must confront not only the pain of his past but the dark secrets he has locked deep within himself and the sins of his ancestors - a quest that will lead him beyond the confines of his blue-collar New England town to the volcanic foothills of Sicily's Mount Etna."

I have since also read "The Hour I First Believed" and his next books, find the reviews here.

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