Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Frazier, Charles "Thirteen Moons"

Frazier, Charles "Thirteen Moons" - 2006

My first Charles Frazier book was also Charles Frazier's first book "Cold Mountain". I love that book. So, naturally, I couldn't wait for his second one to be published. And I wasn't disappointed.

The topic is completely different from "Cold Mountain" but his style, his descriptive story-telling remains the same. An amazing story about an exceptionally strong and interesting man. The main character is brought up by Cherokee in the mid-19th Century. He takes over their traditions and lives according to them, although his "white" culture does interfere, as well. However, even his Indian "fathers" don't all follow the same path.

A wonderful story that introduces us and deepens our understanding of American history before the arrival of the first Europeans. And their hard life after that, the way they were pushed into reservations, onto land that was barely inhabitable.

A wonderful novel. Have read the next book by this extraordinary author. "Nightwoods". Amazing.

How full moons got their strange names
Origins credited to Native Americans and early European settlers.

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