Thursday 2 April 2020

Book Bingo 2020

The 2020 Book Bingo Reading Challenge

I love book challenges and any kind of book lists. So, when the librarians at Canadian Bookworm posted this bingo, I decided I'll have to do that.

There are different ways to tackle this as explained on this page by Shinjini at Modern Gypsy:

Go for the full house, which means you commit to reading 25 books in 2020.
Pick your rows: Choose a few rows and commit to finishing those during the year.
You can choose two horizontal or two vertical rows, for example, which would mean a commitment to read 10 books during the year.
If you choose one horizontal and one vertical row of books, that gives you 9 books for the year.
Or choose a combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows - choosing 3 rows means a commitment to reading 12-13 books in 2020.

As much as I would love to go for the full house, I have picked row 1 and 3 which means I want to read a book in each of the following categories:

Dystopian world
Stephenson, Neal "Anathem" - 2008
Found in translation
Giordano, Paolo "The Solitude of Prime Numbers" (La solitudine dei numeri primi) - 2008
A book from last year's TBR
Bryson, Bill "The Body. A Guide for Occupants" - 2019
About the woman
Rand, Ayn "We the Living" - 1936
Judged by the cover
Tung, Debbie "Book Love" - 2019
A book by an author from a country you want to visit
Undset, Sigrid "Kristin Lavransdatter" (Kristin Lavransdatter) - 1920-22
In support of indie publishers
Higham, John "360 Degrees Longitude" - 2009
Your choice
Owens, Delia "Where the Crawdads Sing" - 2018
A book by an author from your country
Gesthuysen, Anne "Mädelsabend" [Girls' Night] - 2018
A book where an artist is the protagonist.
Khorsandi, Shappi "A Beginner's Guide to Acting English" - 2009

I will add the books I read so far as soon as I have read and reviewed them but I'd be very happy about suggestions for some of those categories. Thanks.


  1. I did one of these one summer when a sister of my daughter-in-law did it for the Seattle library. It is so satisfying to mark off the squares!

    1. Very true. For me, it's always an incentive to look for another book, one outside my comfort zone.

  2. Love your choices. The Solitude of Prime Numbers has been on my shelves waiting to be read for years

    1. Thanks, Shonna. It had been on mine for a while, so I was happy to have the chance to read it this time.

      Are you going to do it again this year? I'm still contemplating. On the one hand, I want to narrow down my TBR pile, on the other hand, I love those challenges. We'll see.

      In any case, Happy New Year and Happy Reading!