Thursday, 28 October 2021

#ThrowbackThursday. Nowhere in Africa Duology

Zweig, Stefanie "Nowhere in Africa" (German: Nirgendwo in Afrika) - 1995

Another one of my favourite books (series) ever. We are writing the year 1938 and the Jewish family Redlich manages to flee Nazi Germany in the last minute. They are all experiencing this new country differently, attorney Walter struggles with the different kind of work that is expected of him, his wife Jettel misses her former life. Only Regina, 9 years old, embraces the life on the new continent, learns the languages, finds friends and cannot imagine another life. When her little brother Max is born in 1946, the family is complete.

This is an almost-autobiography of author Stefanie Zweig.

Zweig, Stefanie "Somewhere in Germany" (German: Irgendwo in Deutschland) - 1996

As we all know, the war ends at some point and so the Redlich family returns back to Germany into bombed-out Frankfurt. This seems as hard as the move to Kenya. The post-war country is struggling, and so are the Redlichs.

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  1. These sound like two great reads. :)

    1. They certainly are. Stefanie Zweig has written more books both about her life as a Jew in Germany after WWII as well as about Africa, unfortunately, as so often, none of them translated. I hope you get to read these one day and enjoy them, Lark.