Saturday 5 November 2022

Six Degrees of Separation ~ From The Naked Chef to Lisa and Lottie

#6Degrees of Separation:

from The Naked Chef to Lisa and Lottie

#6Degrees is a monthly link-up hosted by Kate at Books Are My Favourite and Best. I love the idea. Thank you, Kate. See more about this challenge, its history, further books and how I found this here.

This month's prompt starts with The Naked Chef (Goodreads) by Jamie Oliver.

An interesting choice for the beginning of our chain this month. I was thinking about maybe another cook book but then I remembered The Book Blogger Memory Challenge Book Tag where I had to find a book with a knife on the cover and I went from there.

Jamie Oliver's book has a knife on the cover and here is another one:

Koch, Herman "The Dinner" (NL: Het Diner) - 2009

But there's not just a knife, there is also a fork, as on the next cover:

Bryson, Bill "At Home" - 2010

Do you see that large house where Bill Bryson hides all the items. Well, a house will also be on my next book:

Bythell, Shaun "The Diary of a Bookseller" - 2017 

There is a car right in front of the house. Let's go from there:

Gilbreth, Frank + Gilbreth Carey, Elizabeth "Cheaper by the Dozen" - 1948

As there are some dogs running alongside the car, here is one with a famous dog on the cover:

Obama, Barack "Of Thee I Sing" - 2010

He is walked by two little girls (also famous) and there has to be another book with two famous girls, even though these are fictional. Everybody knows the film, I wonder how many know the original book:

Kästner, Erich "Lisa and Lottie" (aka The Parent Trap) (GE: Das doppelte Lottchen) - 1949

This challenge was a little harder than some since you can't just tell Google to look for a picture with a certain item in it. I'm sure that will be possible one day. Until then, I hope you all enjoy my chain.

P.S. One Blogger just asked the question whether there is a connection between my first and last book and I found one. There is a table on both the pictures. So, without even trying, my chain now is totally connected. Thanks, Davida.

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  1. Oh wow, this is so so fabulous!
    I'm tempted, but as I focus on the books I have read, it would be harder to find, and I would probably tend to always lend on the same books.
    With Google in general, it's basically already possible.

    1. Same as you, I never use books I haven't read, Emma. Unless it's a wishlist or something but not on lists like this. So, yes, not as easy as with words but it was fun. I might do words again next month again, though, always depends on the first book. This one just "instructed" me to go with the knives. LOL

  2. That's very interesting - using something on the cover to make your chain. Well done, you!

    1. Thanks, Davida. It was a lot of fun. Reminiscing about the books I read that might make the next step in the chain. Thanks for your visit. I am so happy I can comment on your blog again, thanks to Emma ^^ who advised me to use Chrome..

  3. Very creative! I am a big fan of Cheaper by the Dozen and a few years ago was attending a funeral in that town with my mother which, oddly enough, took place at a library. What better place to ask about the house the Gilbreths lived in? Alas, it had been torn down.

    I used Lottie and Lisa in a #6Degrees not that long ago:

    1. Thanks, Constance. So am I, really love it. And the sequel. What a shame they tore the house down but there are always reasons, often enough it's money. But still.

      Thanks for the link, it's rare that I find a German book in one of the lists. I don't think I participated in Six Degrees when you posted this. But I'll definitely have a look, I love those lists.

  4. Damn, this is clever! I want to try this connection path next time (if I remember). My memory on covers is a lot hazier than titles/authors, but I feel like I should at least try. Really great chain. Emma @ Words & Peace alerted me to your cool chain. Thanks Emma!
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  5. Thanks, Terrie. Emma is a great blogger friend (and so clever) and has alerted me to some great challenges, as well.

    I can't take all the credit for my memory. The first one that instigated this kind of chain was that a while ago I did a challenge where I had to find a book with a knife on the cover. When I saw this cover, I saw lots of knives, so I just had to take that path. And I have a copy of all the book covers I ever reviewed, so I have can just go through there. Doesn't make it easy, just easier. A little.

    But I'm glad you like this chain. I had fun with it. Thanks for your visit.