Friday, 11 November 2011

Forest, Jim "Confession"

Forest, Jim "Confession. Doorway to Forgiveness" - 2002

I have read a couple of Jim Forest's books in my church group. I have also had the pleasure to meet this wonderful man and interesting writer.

Jim Forest is Orthodox and has written a lot of books on parts of the liturgy that is dear to any Catholic as well.

In this book, he writes about one of our sacraments that is often forgotten nowadays, confession. He gives examples through the bible and other literature, the saints and a lot of related stories, almost like parables. His writing is in such a way that it makes you think, no, reflect on every little part he says, a lot of it stays with you for a long time.

Jim Forest and his wife Nancy have also a very good website about all their works:

If you want to know more about Christianity, this is the guy to read. We also read and discussed "The Road to Emmaus. Pilgrimage as a Way of Life". I also read and loved "Praying with Icons" and "The Ladder of the Beatitudes".

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