Friday, 11 November 2011

Forest, Jim "The Road to Emmaus"

Forest, Jim "The Road to Emmaus. Pilgrimage as a Way of Life" - 2007

I had the privilege to meet the author after having read the book. It was a great experience. I felt like I knew him already.

The book is a wonderful way to introduce you into another way of thinking about your approach to religion. A great way to get back to your roots and to look at "your way" in the world.

It inspired me in so many ways. How to look at illness, for instance. How to appreciate even the times when everything is not going according to plan. But, mainly, how to find a way in my religion to get further, closer to God.

It doesn't matter what congregation you belong to (although it probably helps if you are a Christian, I'm sure it's interesting for others, too).

This book is also a great one to share with friends. I read it with my Catholic women's group and we all loved to exchange our views on this.

From the back cover:
"Drawing on the wisdom of the saints and his own wide-ranging travels, Forest leads us to a range of 'thin places', including Iona, Jerusalem, the secret annex of Anne Frank, the experience of illness, the practice of hospitality, and other places and occasions where we may find ourselves surprised by grace."

We later read and discussed "Confession. Doorway to Forgiveness". I also read and loved "Praying with Icons" and "The Ladder of the Beatitudes".
Jim Forest and his wife Nancy have also a very good website about all their works.

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