Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mağden, Perihan "Two Girls"

Mağden, Perihan "Two Girls" (Turkish: İki Genç Kızın Romanı) - 2002

A story of two girls in Istanbul. Behiye prepares to go to university but is an unhappy, depressed teenager. Then she meets Handan, the complete opposite of herself, beautiful and naïve. They come from totally different backgrounds but form a unique bond.

An interesting story about growing up, trying to find a place in the world and all the dangers that this includes, a story interspersed with short stories about the life of boys who get murdered all over the city.

Very interesting book, a new kind of literature that leaves you with more questions at the end than you started out with.

From the back cover:
"It is summer in Istanbul and the body of a young man is discovered in a local lake. The air is oppressive as Behiye prepares to enter one of Turkey?s most prestigious universities. Angry, overweight, embarrassed by her parents and contemptuous of her Nazi older brother ? Behiye longs for some salvation from her teenage despair. In the week before she starts university she is introduced to Handan ? a beautiful, gentle girl who will change Behiye?s life forever. Immediately drawn to one another, the two girls embark upon an intense, exclusive relationship even though they are from completely different backgrounds, with different dreams and ambitions. As their friendship spirals out of control, Behiye realises the impossibility of their being able to cross the cultural divide."

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