Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thomas, Rosie "The Potter's House"

Thomas, Rosie "The Potter's House" - 2001

The story of Olivia, an English woman who lives on a Greek island with her Greek husband and two sons. After an earthquake, a stranger turns up, an Englishwoman like herself. Olivia takes in Kitty who becomes a member of the community but the whole atmosphere changes the more she is integrated.

A weird novel, when I started reading this, I thought it was a chick lit book but it was quite interesting. It starts out weirdly but then it seems to get pretty normal (that's when I thought it was more "easy reading") and then it gets weird again, a little "magic fiction".

From the back cover:
"Olivia Giordiadis has left her English roots behind. She lives on a tiny Greek island, married to a local man, mother to two small sons. Year on year, island life has followed a peaceful unchanging rhythm, until now. An earthquake ravages the coast, its force devastating the island and in the aftermath comes a stranger - an English woman, destitute but for the clothes she wears. Olivia welcomes the stranger into her home but begins to sense that her mysterious visitor could threaten all she holds dear."

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