Friday, 18 February 2011

Joyce, James "Dubliners"

Joyce, James "Dubliners" - 1905

Fifteen stories offer vivid, tightly focused observations of the lives of Dublin's poorer classes.

True. There are a lot of different people James Joyce describes in his stories. As a true lover of novels, I would have liked him to write a novel about every single one of them. Short stories always finish as soon as you get used to the characters. That's my personal opinion, I know a lot of people love short stories. I don't really.

However, the description of the characters was very good, they came alive, the plots were interesting, I did enjoy the stories. I just would have wished them to be longer.

From the back cover:

"Joyce's first major work, written when he was only twenty-five, brought his city to the world for the first time. His stories are rooted in the rich detail of Dublin life, portraying ordinary, often defeated lives with unflinching realism. He writes of social decline, sexual desire and exploitation, corruption and personal failure, yet creates a brilliantly compelling, unique vision of the world and of human experience."

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