Friday, 31 July 2020

Book Quotes of the Week

"How much can we ever know about the love and pain in another heart? How much can we hope to understand those who have suffered deeper anguish, greater deprivation, and more crushing disappointments than we ourselves have known?" Orhan Pamuk, Snow
I doubt that we'll ever know everything but if we try, really, really try, we might get close to understanding others.

Theodore Roosevelt read an average of one book per day. Even on days when he was busy being the President.
And then there are so-called presidents who never read anything. ☹

"Sometimes I think heaven must be one continuous unexhausted reading." Virginia Woolf

Not just sometimes ...

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  1. If Virginia Woolf is right, the virus has been heaven for me. But not really of course.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. At least we didn't moan about not being able to go anywhere. As I said in my last Facebook post, I vistited ten countries with my last ten books, or would you say eleven since I visited another planet, as well?