Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Happy July!

Happy July to all my friends and readers

New Calendar picture with this
beautiful watercolour painting by Hanka Koebsch

"Summer Colours"

July looks like most of the last months, only hotter. While some of the Corona restrictions are relaxed, I am worried that for a lot of people this seems to mean "no Corona anymore". That is a dangerous slope. Let's just wear our masks a little longer and definitely keep that distance, don't go to crowded places. Be happy if you can see some of your friends and family again. Just don't overdo it. Be careful. We might have to live with this for quite a while to come but if we want to come out of it on the other side, we better adhere to what the experts tell us.

* * *

This month, Hanka surprised me with one of my favourite flowers. Next to the peony, that would be the hydrangea. And my favourite variety, the blue one. I have often lifted somewhere where the colour turned red after a couple of summers and was positively surprised that my last one that we bought in the autum now turned from red to blue. Looks like we found the right location.

* * *

When talking about flowers, there are usually some flowers of the year that get elected bcause they are endangered species. This one was chosen by the Loki Schmidt Stiftung, a charity founded by the wife of our former chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

It's the menyanthes, a delicate looking yet quite strong flower that grows in fens and bogs. It's common name in English therefore is bogbean or buckbean. The original word "menyein" means "disclosing" in Greek, and "Aathos" means "flower". It's German name is "Fieberklee", English translation: fever clover. This has probablythe same reason as their Chinese names, there they are known as sleeping herbs or "Herbs that calm consciousness".

* * *

Nature seems to recover more. I heard another warning the other day. Since there are fewer flights, the air pollution is smaller and the sun is stronger. So, don't forget that sunscreen.

* * *

Have a happy July with this beautiful watercolour painting by Hanka Koebsch. Stay safe!

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  1. Happy July, Marianne. I agree with what you say about staying smart and safe.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I'm always happy to see how much we agree on almost everything.

      Have a good month. And definitely, stay safe!!!