Thursday 13 June 2024

#ThrowbackThursday. May 2011 Part 2

I've been doing Throwback Thursdays for a while but I noticed that I wrote a lot of reviews in a short time when I first started. One of my blogger friends always posts the reviews of one month but that would be too much. So, these are my reviews from the second week of May 2011.

Becker, Jurek "Jacob the Liar" (GE: Jakob der Lügner) - 1969
An occupant of the Warsaw ghetto tries to help his fellow Jews sustain life by telling them lies about the Russians being almost there to liberate them.

Falcones, Ildefonso "Cathedral of the Sea" (E: La catedral del mar) - 2008
One of the best historical novels ever. Barcelona in the 14th century, in the middle of the time of the Inquisition. A church is being built. The story of the people involved with the building.

Lewycka, Marina "Two Caravans" (aka Strawberry Fields) - 2007
This book describes the life of Ukrainians (and Polish) seasonal/migrant workers in England.

Proulx, Annie "The Shipping News" - 2003
Quoyle, an ordinary guy, moves with his aunt and his daughters to his ancestral home in Newfoundland where he works for a local newspaper.

Şafak, Elif
"Araf" (aka The Saint of Incipient Insanities) - 2004
A book about foreigners living in the United States. Three roommates from Turkey, Morocco and Spain in Boston, one has  a Mexican-American, another an American girlfriend. All of them have to fit into the society they are in,

Stone, Irving "The Agony and the Ecstasy" - 1961

A book about the life and art of Michelangelo.

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  1. I loved both The Shipping News and Jacob the Liar! Such great books. :D