Monday, 14 November 2011

Ondaatje, Michael “Anil's Ghost”

Ondaatje, Michael “Anil's Ghost” - 2000

Civil war in Sri Lanka, human rights issues, a story of ordinary people, love, family, a lot of history in this country.

I love books about history and/or novels from other parts of this world. Anil's Ghost combines the two. The language in this book is wonderful, I could read on like this for ages. Even though the story is not "nice" (given the subject), I really enjoyed reading it, getting to know the characters and finding out more about the history of this country, something not as widely known in this part of the world as some others. I guess, Sri Lanka doesn't look important enough.

Michael Ondaatje also wrote "The English Patient" which I still haven't read.

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