Friday 3 June 2022

Books read with my British Book Club


This was my very first book club. I was only a member for seven months. Not because I didn't like it or didn't like the members, but because we moved from Britain to the Netherlands.

However, I thought it would be nice both for me as well as for the former members, to have this list.

Bernières, Louis de "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" - 1994 (May 99)
McCourt, Frank "Angela's Ashes" - 1996 (June 99)
Trollope, Anthony "Barchester Chronicles": The Warden - 1855 (Jul 99)
Fredriksson, Marianne "Hanna's Daughters" (S: Anna, Hanna og Johanna) - 1994 (Sep 99)
Turner, Nancy E. "These is my Words" - 1999 (Oct 99)
Lim, Catherine "The Teardrop Story Woman" (Nov 99)
Bryson, Bill "Notes from a Small Island" - 1995 (Dec 99)

And these are the books they planned to read after I left.

Patchett, Ann "The Magician’s Assistant" - 1997 (Jan 00)
Frazier, Charles "Cold Mountain" - 1997 (Feb 00)
Mawson, Robert "The Lazarus Child" - 1998 (Dec 01)
Atkinson, Kate "Emotionally Weird" - 2000 (Jan 02)
Hardy, Thomas "The Mayor of Casterbridge" - 1886 (Feb 02)


  1. Haven't read and don't own a *single* one of those! [grin]

    1. Happens to me often, Kitten, when I see other lists. And it's never a problem. I'd definitely recommend "Notes from a Small Island" but the others are all quite interesting.

  2. Great choices. I have read four, but some of the others are known to me, at least.

  3. You would have been a great member of our book club, Lisbeth, and I'm sure you would have enjoyed it a lot.