Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Top Ten Tuesday - Books with the Word Book in the Title


"Top Ten Tuesday" is an original feature/weekly meme created on the blog "The Broke and the Bookish". This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists at "The Broke and the Bookish". It is now hosted by Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl.

Since I am just as fond of them as they are, I jump at the chance to share my lists with them! Have a look at their page, there are lots of other bloggers who share their lists here.

This week, our topic is
Bookish Wishes

Jana's birthday is today, so she's celebrating it and asked us to list the top 10 books we’d love to own. But, as so often, I've done this kind of list a couple of times lately:

Books I Hope Santa Brings/Bookish Wishes

Most Anticipated Books of the Second Half of 2021

Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings 

Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

Top Twelve Books I Loved that Made Me Want More Books Like Them

Therefore, I decided to go back to a good old favourite of mine, books with a certain word in the title, in this case, since we talk about bookish wishes: Book. I had no idea I had read so many books with word book in the title, let alone notebook. Totally interesting.

Abdolah, Kader "My Father’s Notebook" (NL: Spijkerschrift)
- 2000
Almost an autobiography. Ishmael, the protagonist in this story, has a deaf-mute father who works as a carpet restaurateur in Iran.

Allende, Isabel "Maya's Notebook" (E: El Cuaderno de Maya) - 2011
Maya is a girl with a tremendous story. She has a Chilean father and a Danish mother and is brought up by her Chilean grandmother and her second husband who is African American. Can it get any more international?

Campbell, Jen "The Bookshop Book" - 2014
Another approach to discovering bookshops. The author has more or less travelled around the world for us, interviewed bookshop owners, employees, authors, readers, anyone who has anything to do with producing and consuming books.

Fforde, Jasper "Lost in a Good Book" - 2002
Thursday Next works for SpecOps 27, the Literary Deceives (LiteraTecs) in Special Operations, a fictional division of the British government. With the help of special gadgets and skills, she can enter books and move from one to the next, this is called "bookjumping". This time, she spends a lot of time in "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

Lessing, Doris "The Golden Notebook" - 1962
One of those books that I still remember after many many years. I thought it was very good and very sensitive, approached the subject of women's liberation in a very unique but helpful way.

Lundberg, Sofia "The Red Address Book" (SW: Den röda adressboken) - 2015
A lovely story about an elderly lady who reflects on her life with the help of modern technology and her old address book.

Oates, Joyce Carol "A Book of American Martyrs" - 2017
One of my favourite authors. As usual, her characters are so alive, so real, incredible. Of course, I don't understand people who condone one sort of killing and then go on to do another one. A fascinating book about a subject that should be discussed much more than "I'm against abortion". (Please, read my whole review.)

Pamuk, Orhan "The Black Book" (TR: Kara Kitap) - 1990
Another one of my absolute favourite authors. A man is looking for his wife who disappeared. He is roaming the streets of Istanbul in order to look back at their past. But there is so much behind the plot, so many "meetings", present meets past, East meets West, religion meets secularism. You will definitely want to visit Istanbul after reading this.

Sparks, Nicholas "The Notebook" - 2004
An alright story, a love story, poor boy loves rich girl and all the obstacles that there are in these kinds of novels which you know they will overcome. Most probably the only book I will ever read by Nicholas Sparks.

Taylor, Andrew James "Books That Changed the World" - 2008
Definitely one of the best list of books to read I have seen! A list of important books that made a major impact on our present view of the world. I haven't read all of them but I am sure most people have heard the titles and the authors at some point in their life.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip around the books and bookshelves of the world. And maybe I find more wishes on your lists.

📚 Happy Reading! 📚


  1. I didn’t realize there were so many books with the word book in their titles!

    1. I probably didn't even scratch the surface, Lydia. I left out most of the books with combine words such as bookshelves, bookshop etc. I'm sure you'll find just as many titles like that.

      But thanks for your visit.

  2. Oddly I'm quite drawn to books - both fiction and non-fiction - that reference books or libraries. I'm sure that I have a few scattered around in various piles whispering to me in my sleep... [grin]

    1. I think most bookworms love books about books or where books or bookshelves are mentioned, just some home feeling there. Thanks, CK.

  3. Great change of topic! I haven't heard of any of these books before but some of them look really interesting :)

    1. Thanks, Dini. That's what these lists are all about, right, see what else is on the market, broaden our minds. I've learned so much from other bloggers. These are all great, "The Notebook" wasn't my thing but I know others who really loved it.

    2. For some reason I've never felt compelled to read Sparks' books but I did enjoy The Notebook adaptation well enough! 😊

    3. I didn't either, Dini. I think it was given to me by someone who moved and didn't want it anymore. I didn't expect much and I wasn't surprised.

  4. Love your list of titles for this week's TTT! I'm always drawn to books with the word book in the title. Must be why I'm a bookworm. ;D

    1. Haha, Lark, I guess it's the other way around. LOL
      Anyway, I just said to CyberKitten ^ that we are always like book about books because we love books so much.

  5. A wonderful list of Book books.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  6. This is a fun list. I wonder how many books I've read with the word "book" or "notebook" in the title. I'm curious now. :D

    My TTT

    1. It's easy to find out, right, Jenni? I'm sure you have a list somewhere. And then I'm looking forward seeing you twist our topic to books about books one day.

  7. I am not sure I could come up with a title with 'book' in it. Maybe if I try hard. The Note Book should come up since I have read it and really loved it. Nice exercise.

  8. Sorry, I just noticed that the Comment section here says Anonymous. Here my comment again. I hope it works now. I am not sure I could come up with a title with 'book' in it. Maybe if I try hard. The Note Book should come up since I have read it and really loved it. Nice exercise.

    1. I thought it might me you, Lisbeth, after you had that same problem the other day. Blogger seems to have a glitch, often comments from people who I communicate with all the time show up as spam and if I don't allow it (because I don't see it automatically), it doesn't appear on the blog. So, I'm not surprised.

      I was surprised to find how many books with the word "book" in the title came up. I probably could have done about twenty if I had used all the combined words. But I chose to stick mainly with books that had just the word "book".