Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dutch and French Books

From time to time, I read a French or a Dutch book. I prefer to read a book in its original language because with a translation there is always a third person in the conversation, the translator. Unfortunately, I don't speak all the languages I would like to and therefore have to rely on translations from time to time. These are the books I managed to enjoy (or not) just like that.

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Abdolah, Kader "Het huis van de moskee" (The House of the Mosque) - 2005
- "Spijkerschrift" (My Father’s Notebook) - 2000
Brijs, Stefan "De engelenmaker" (The Angel Maker) - 2005
de Loo, Tessa "De Tweeling" (The Twins) - 1993
de Man, Herman "Het wassende water" [The Growing Water - not translated] - 1925
de Winter, Leon "De Hemel van Hollywood" (The Hollywood Sign) - 1997
- "Zionoco" (dto.) - 1995
Dorrestein, Renate "Een hart van steen" (A Heart of Stone)- 1998
Durlacher, Jessica "Het Geweten" (The Conscience) - 1998
Eggels, Elle "Het Huis van de Zeven Zusters" (The House of the Seven Sisters) - 1998
Frank, Anne "Het Achterhuis" (The Diary of a Young Girl) - 1942-44
Hirsi Ali, Ayaan "Mijn Vrijheid" (Infidel: My Life) - 2006
Linthout, Dik "Onbekende buren" [Unknown Neighbours - not translated] - 2002
Mak, Geert "De goede stad" [The Good Town - not translated] - 2007
- "Hoe God verdween uit Jorwerd. Een Nederlands Dorp In De Twintigste Eeuw" (Jorwerd: The Death of the Village in late 20th Century)- 1996
- "In Europa: Reizen door de twintigste eeuw" (In Europe. Travels through the twentieth century) - 2004
Mulisch, Harry "De Ontdekking van de hemel" (The Discovery of Heaven)- 1992
Münstermann, Hans "Het gelukkige jaar 1940" [The Happy Year 1940 - not translated] - 2000
Poortvliet, Rien "De tresoor van Jacob Jansz. Over het vermoedelijke leven van een gewone man voor de 80-jarige oorlog in 1566" (Daily Life in Holland in 1566) - 1991
't Hart, Maarten "De zonnewijzer" (The Sundial) - 2002
Verhoef, Esther "Erken mij"  [Acknowledge me - not translated] - 2009
Westerman, Frank “De graanrepubliek” [The Grain Republic - not translated] - 1999

Bâ, Mariama " Une si longue lettre" (So Long a Letter) - 1979
Betancourt, Íngrid "Même le silence a une fin" (Even Silence has an End: My Six Years in the Jungle) - 2010
Camus, Albert "L'étranger" (The Stranger/The Outsider) - 1942
-"La Peste" (The Plague) - 1947
Cinquin, Marie-Madeleine = Sœur Emmanuelle avec Duquesne, Jacques; Cayrol, Annabelle "J'ai 100 ans et je voudrais vous dire … Sa dernière confession" [I'm 100 years old and I wanted to say ... Her last confession - not translated] - 2008
Dai, Sijie "Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse Chinoise" (Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress) - 2002
- "Par une nuit où la lune ne s’est pas levée" (Once on a Moonless Night) - 2007
Deforges, Regine "La Bicyclette Bleue" (The Blue Bicycle) - 1981
Delacourt, Grégoire "La liste de mes envies" (The list of my desires/My Wish List) - 2012
Denuzière, Maurice "Louisiane. Trilogie" (Louisiana. Trilogy) - 1977
Dugain, Marc "La Chambre des officiers" (The Officer's Ward) - 1999
Ferri, Jean-Yves; Didier Conrad, Didier "Le Papyrus de César" (Asterix and the Missing Scroll) - 2015
Hugo, Victor "Les Misérables" (Les Misérables) - 1862 
Gavalda, Anna "35 kilos d’espoir" (95 pounds of hope) - 2002
- "Je voudrais quelqu'un m'attende quelque part" (I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere) - 1999
- "Ensemble c'est tout" (Hunting and Gathering) - 2006
Hessel, Stéphane "Indignez-vous!" (Time for Outrage!) - 2011
Ionesco, Eugène "Rhinocéros" (Rhinoceros) - 1957
Le Clézio, Jean-Marie Gustave "L'Africain" (The African) - 2004
Lafayette, Madame de (Marie-Madeleine) "La Princesse de Clèves" (The Princess of Cleves) - 1678 
Levy, Marc "Mes amis mes amours" (London Mon Amour) - 2006
Maalouf, Amin "Samarcande" (Samarkand) - 1988
Modiano, Patrick "La Place de l'Étoile" (Place de l'Étoile) - 1968
Navarre, Marguerite de "Heptaméron" (Heptameron) - 1578
NDiaye, Marie "Rosie Carpe" - 2001
Némirovsky, Irène "Suite Française" (Suite Française) - 2004
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine "Le Petit Prince" (The Little Prince)  - 1943
Satrapi, Marjane "Persepolis. Vol 1" (Persepolis. The Story of a Childhood) - 2000
Satrapi, Marjane "Persepolis. Vol. 2" (Persepolis. The Story of a Return) - 2000
Schmitt, Éric-Emmanuel "Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran" (Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran) - 1999
- "Oscar et la dame rose" (Oscar and the Lady in Pink) - 2002
Sthers, Amanda "Chicken Street" (Chicken Street) - 2006
Wiazemsky, Anne "Sept Garçons" (Seven Boys) -  2002
Wiesel, Elie "La Nuit" (Night) - 1958

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