Thursday, 5 May 2011

Findley, Timothy "Dust to Dust"

Findley, Timothy "Dust to Dust" - 1997

Knowing that I don't like short stories very much, a friend of mine gave this to me and said "You have to read these, they are great." What can I say? They were very interesting. I enjoyed reading them, there were quite a few different stories. The author succeeded to stay with his stories for long enough so you didn't have the feeling something was missing which is usual the feeling I get.

Quite a good collection of short stories.

From the back cover:
"Is it the dust of death, blowing across a Mediterranean island, and etched by the footprints of a small boy who seems to be a disturbing emblem of his parents' unhappy marriage? Or the fine, but offending dirt that is dealt with so tidily by a diligent hausfrau - almost as tidily as her fellow neighbors rationalize a brutal crime? In Dust to Dust, Timothy Findley is a master of mortality and the powerful, yet often imperceptible bond it forges with memory and reality."

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