Monday, 2 May 2011

Landvik, Lorna "Welcome to The Great Mysterious"

Landvik, Lorna "Welcome to The Great Mysterious" - 2000

A successful stage actress has to look after her nephew who has has Down syndrome. During the course of the book, she comes to realize how special he is and changes her life.

I don't think the author had anything else in mind than writing a “nice little story” and that she did. It was quite superficial and I couldn't help but thinking that the end only turned out the way it did because she wanted to create a happy ending, not because the story led there.

I didn't care very much for this novel.

We discussed this in our book club in May 2004.

From the back cover:
"Megastar of stage, screen, and television, Geneva Jordan now has a command performance in Minnesota, where she agrees to look after her thirteen-year-old nephew, a boy with Down’s syndrome, while his parents take a long-overdue vacation. Though Geneva and her sister, Ann, are as different as night and day ('I being night, of course, dark and dramatic'), Geneva remembers she had a family before she had a star on her door. But so accustomed is she to playing the lead, finding herself a supporting actress in someone else’s life is strange and unexplored territory. Then the discovery of an old scrapbook that she and her sister created long ago starts her thinking of things beyond fame. For The Great Mysterious is a collection of thoughts and feelings dedicated to answering life’s big questions - far outside the spotlight’s glow. . . ."

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