Thursday, 5 May 2011

Woolf, Virginia “Mrs. Dalloway”

Woolf, Virginia “Mrs. Dalloway” - 1925

This is supposed to be Virginia Woolf's greatest novel, a book about the life of a woman, a single day in the life of a woman. A “higher class” woman at the beginning of the last century preparing a party and seeing it through.

This novel shows how much women had achieved since Jane Austen's days - and how much they hadn't. It's about halfway between Ms. Austen's lifetime and today and if you consider how slow women's rights progressed, you can guess how long it is still going to take until women and men are going to be equal, have the same chances, if ever!

I also read "To the Lighthouse" with the book club which I enjoyed immensely.


  1. And now we need to read your critique of Cunningham's "The Hours" :-)

  2. No problem ... oops, slight hiccup, I'd have to read it first. ;-) And another book goes on my wish list.