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Pollock, David C., & Van Reken, Ruth "Third Culture Kids"

Pollock, David C. & Van Reken, Ruth "Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds" - 2001

"In this publication, the authors explore the experiences of those who have become known as 'third culture kids' (TCKs) - children who grow up or spend a significant part of their childhood living abroad."

If you live/d abroad with your children for only a couple of years or if you grew up in different countries or in a country different from your parents, this is the book to read. The authors examine the impact on children moving from their home country (1st culture) to another country (2nd culture) who generate a 3rd one. They look at the challenges of both moving to the new culture and returning to the old one. We found the book insightful and helpful, and it gave some practical advice on how to approach some of the challenges.

Everything in this book is so true for children of our international book club members. Maybe the culture shock isn't as large as if they moved from Asia or Africa to Europe or America. Or is it larger because you don't expect a huge difference between, for example, Germany and England or England and the Netherlands? We agreed that our children are definitely more independent, better equipped for living on their own.

We discussed this in our book club in September 2007.

From the back cover:
"Third Culture Kids speaks to the challenges and rewards of a multicultural childhood; the joy of discovery and heartbreaking loss, its effect on maturing and personal identity, and the difficulty in transitioning home.

The authors have set up a website for more information:
TCKWorld: The Official Home of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) 
An interesting blog: Language on the Move

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