Friday, 22 April 2011

Interesting Links

The web is full of interesting links, links to books I read, links to subjects covered in the books I read, links to subjects not covered in the books I read. Some are helpful, some are interesting, some are just funny.

I would like to share some of those links that interest me, hopefully they will be interesting for some of you, too.

Everything about books
"Ten best bookshops in the world" - nice page about some great bookshops
"Tien beste bookhandels/mooiste ter wereld" - and another one in Dutch (but the shops are also all over the world.
And here some interesting bookshelves.
The Book Surgeon - what one person can do with books.
Best Sellers the week you were born
Bookmans does dominoes
Did you know the BOOK?

For a better world
Half the Sky - How women can get help all over the world
A Walk to Beautiful - a fascinating movie about how Ethiopian women get help
The Girl Effect - how a twelve year old girl could be the solution to what the world needs now.
The Kindness Movement - it started with a small idea

"Third Culture Kids" - a helpful site for everyone who raises their children abroad or who grew up in a different country from their parents.
Bilinguals see the world in a different way - an article about the studies to this .
The English Spelling Society - Spelling Poems
The worst language I've ever seen
Top list of the Hardest Languages to learn

You will find a lot of information about Esperanto in my Esperanto List.

"The Spoon Theory" - someone with a chronic disease explains how it feels to someone who is always healthy.
How to understand someone with Chronic Pain
There are more links about migraine in my list "Migraine Books and Links".

My talented friends:
The Artwork of Ardith Goodwin
Hanka and Frank Koebsch 

Other Art Pages

Other topics
The True Size of Africa
Learn Morse Code
Evolution - a video all girls (and boys) should see

Some fun
London Underground Anagram Map
Cheap Flights by Fascinating Aida - great explanation how we end up paying a lot anyway
Axis of Awesome - 4 Chord Song
The Perils of Voice Recognition Technology

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