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Rushdie, Salman "The Satanic Verses" - 1988

These are the last books I read.

Weiler, Jan "Im Reich der Pubertiere" [In the realm of the puberty animal] (Pubertiere #2) - 2016
Weir, Alison "Six Tudor Queens. Katheryn Howard. The Tainted Queen" (US: The Scandalous Queen) - 2020
Elbogen, Ismar; Sterling, Eleonore "Die Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland" [The History of the Jews in Germany] - 1935/66
Hetmann, Frederik "Traumklänge. oder das längste Märchen, das es je gab" [Dream sounds. or the longest fairy tale that ever existed] - 2004
Kaminer, Wladimir "Der verlorene Sommer. Deutschland raucht auf dem Balkon" [The Lost Summer. Germany smokes on the balcony] - 2021

Douglass, Frederick "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave" - 1845
Jackson, Shirley "The Lottery" (Die Lotterie) - 1948
Wodehouse, P.G. "The World of Jeeves" (Jeeves #2-4: The Inimitable Jeeves #2, Carry On, Jeeves #3, Very Good, Jeeves! #4) - 1923/1925/1930

Frankopan, Peter 'The Silk Roads. A New History oft he World" (Licht aus dem Osten: Eine neue Geschichte der Welt) - 2015
Hesse, Hermann "Narziss und Goldmund" (Narcissus and Goldmund) - 1930

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